A SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule was captured by the International Space Station's robot arm early Sunday.

SpaceX lands at The ISS

Image Credit: NASA, via CC

The spaceX cargo ship that was carrying the supplies for the ISS has successfully captured. The two spacecrafts were 253 miles above northern Ukraine, when the capture happened.

The cargo ship is carrying equipment, parts, food and supplies weighing almost 1,043 kg.  The capsule was launched on Friday March 1, but  gave a lot of trouble to SpaceX and NASA team as  the thruster pods did not operate.

After the capture Dragon cargo capsule was attached to the Earth-facing port of the station’s Harmony module. It took almost three-and-a-half hours to do so after it was plucked out of open space by the lab’s robot arm.

Even though the capsule was snared a day later the team believes that “All is well that ends well.”

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