Summer sweat

Sweaty Summers

Now that the summers have arrived you can’t get away from sweating all the time, but why does that not happen in winters. I know, I know you’re going to say that we sweat whenever it’s hot. Well, That’s correct !
But my next question is ….. why do we sweat when it’s hot?
Scratching your head?? ;)

Here’s the answer.

Sweating is our body’s smart way of cooling itself.
Our body has millions of sweat glands spread across the body. Sweat glands are like special organs whose work is to produce sweat and release it on our skin. Now whenever we feel hot, these sweat glands become very active and release a watery thing on our skin through it pores. This watery thing is called sweat. When sweat evaporates from our skin, we feel cool.

Important thing to remember:
We lose a great amount of water every day through sweating in summers. Therefore, it’s important to drink lots of water each day in order to give our body as much water as it loses through sweating.

Sweat it out !! ;)
What is the special name given to the sweat glands?
Eccrine sweat glands.

Where are most sweat glands in our body?
On our forehead, feet and hands.

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