Tall as a stork, Small as a Goldfish

Tall as a Stork or Small as a Goldfish


Why are some people so tall, some people really short and some just average height. As a kid you see that whenever the teacher asks you to fall in a line, some really short kids whine that they are always in the front and the taller ones complain that they are always behind, even if they are all the same age.  How does one’s body decide that they are going to be tall or short?

Actually everybody’s body grows at a different rate so someone who is shorter than you now, can grow up to be taller than you later. How tall or short you are going to be is already written in your genes. If your parents are tall, there is a huge chance that you will be tall too.

Another very important thing is that you take good care of your body. Good sleep, nutrition and exercise will ensure that you grow in height. Kids who think that they are already too tall also need to eat healthy, sleep well and exercise. Sometimes if kids of smaller parents follow a healthy routine they can trick their genes and become taller than their parents. Yippie ! Tricking your genes! that should be fun.

But kids, the most important thing, you should always remember is that we are all unique and therefore its okay if you are tall or small, you are still very special.



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