Beautiful day

The Beautiful Cake

(This emotional story is written by our seven year old reader Rhea)

Tiara wanted to do something extraordinary for her mother today. It was a special day after all. It was Mother’s Day. After rejecting the not so novel idea of  making a card – something  that she did every year, she thought of doing something different. She called Luke, her best friend and asked him to come over immediately. That was not a problem for Luke as he lived next to her house. Luke and Tiara were both seven and had been best friends ever since they were toddlers. In fact, they had a pact that they will be Best Friends Forever(BFF).

Best Friends Forever

As the door bell rang, Tiara hushed Luke into her room and told him about her idea. Both of them decided that they were going to bake ‘A unique Mother’s Day cake’. First step, of course, was to put all the ingredients together. But how? They could not ask their mothers. Luke suggested that they should ask Zoey. Zoey, Tiara’s neighbour was about three years elder to them. Zoey suggested that they needed ‘flour’, milk, eggs and sugar.

Luke and Tiara set off to the garden for their first ingredient ‘flower’. They picked up lots of violets as they looked the prettiest amongst all flowers.

The violet flowers

With violets hidden in their bag, they rushed home. They waited a while for Tiara’s mom to leave to do grocery. Then in the kitchen, they nicely mixed all three ingredients in a large pan and put it for baking. When the cake got  ready, it turned out to be violet!!

The cake turned out to be violet!!

It was unlike how they had imagined it would be. They rushed to Zoey’s home and told her about what had happened! Zoey laughed for a long time and said that she was talking about ‘flour’, a type of powder which is used in cooking, not flower like violets that grow in gardens. Luke, Tiara and Zoey couldn’t stop laughing.

To bake the cake again, they borrowed some flour from Zoey’s mom. This time it turned out just how they wanted it to be. Tiara decorated the cake with gorgeous icing and gave her mom a huge surprise.

The beautiful cake

It was the best Mother’s Day ever. They all enjoyed the cake. Tiara did not forget to thank Zoey for all the help.

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  1. maya Avatar

    :-D :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) awesome!!!!

  2. Esha Avatar

    So creative amazing Rhea.

  3. Arusha Avatar

    Awesome rhea!way to go.keep writing. ;) :) :d

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