fountain- The Bubble spout

The Bubble Spout


Don’t we all love water bubblers? Wow! those jets of cold water to cool us down, especially in the summer. Whoever thought of such a wonderful fun thing? But did you know that people used them as taps long time ago. It was not used for fun but just as a tap.

An Attic Greek vase from the 5th or 6th century B.C., showing two women filling water jars from fountains. Photo Wiki

Fountains were first found in 6th century (almost 1500 years) ago by the Greeks. Ancient Greeks were the first to make aqueducts ( channels for water supply) and fountains. According to the historians fountains existed in Athens and other Greek cities as taps that brought water to the cities from springs or other clean water sources. Women in those times used to carry their pots to the fountains to get fresh water.Greek fountains were made of stone or marble, with water flowing through bronze pipes and emerging from the mouth of a sculpted mask that represented the head of a lion or the muzzle of an animal.

For a long time the fountains had a very useful purpose but now that we have indoor plumbing (all the taps come to our homes), fountains are merely a source of having fun :)


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