The ever giving coconut tree

The Ever Giving Tree

Have you ever noticed a coconut shell? If yes, then you must have seen it has three small spots that make it look like a human face with two eyes and a mouth. These strange marking are also the reason behind its name. The coconut got its name from Spanish word ‘cocos’ that means a ‘grinning face’.

coconut face

How did coconut trees come into being? There is an interesting story. Once upon a time in a faraway village there lived a magician. He  was very helpful. He helped village people in drawing water from the well, helped them collect food and also make their homes. He even had magic medicines to heal people. He kept the village people very happy. When he died, the whole village became very sad. Everyone in the village missed him tremendously. A few days later, at the very spot that he died, a strange tree grew. With time tree grew very tall and bore a fruit as big as a man’s face. The best thing about the tree was that every part could be used in something or the other.

That tree was none other than the coconut tree!! Coconut tree helps us in many ways just like how the magician helped his friends in many ways.

Coconut and its uses

Since coconut water is always safely packed into a coconut, it is always sterile and ready to drink (or inject), because the layers of the coconut act as a filter. Coconut water is identical to human blood plasma and is often called “fluid of life.”  The soft inside of the coconut makes a tasty fruit. The coir(brown hair like covering on the husk) is used for filling up mattresses, making ropes and fuel. The shell is often used for potting saplings, in art and craft and as a fuel source. Coconut trunks are very strong and therefore can be used in building houses and small bridges. The leaves have many uses too. They can be woven into mats and baskets strong enough to pull out water from the well. Coconut oil is used in cooking and making cosmetic products. And last but not the least, the roots of the plant can be used as dye or even a mouthwash!!

Did you know that coconut tree is also called ‘Kalpavriksha’ meaning ‘Celestial tree’ in many parts of India since ancient times because of its usefulness to mankind?

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