Two Monkey Brothers

Two Monkey Brothers


Long time ago, there was a kingdom of monkey men. It was called Kishkindha. The king there had two sons named Bali and Sugreev. Bali was the elder brother and Sugreev was the younger one. In those times if a king had many children, the eldest son always took charge of the kingdom after the king became old.

Bali was thus, incharge of the kingdom of Kishkindha. One day, a big nasty monster, attacked the kingdom. When all the soldiers of the kingdom failed to stop the monster, brave King Bali decided to fight himself. He instructed his brother Sugreev to take charge of the kingdom, and it’s people till he came back.
Very smartly, Bali took the monster to some dark caves outside the kingdom of Kishkindha. They both fought inside the cave for many days.

And then, one day, the battle noises just stopped coming. Sugreev ordered his men to shut the mouth of the cave with the biggest, heaviest stone assuming that both the monster and his brother have died in the battle.
And from then on, Sugreev started to rule the kingdom of Kishkindha.

But did monkey king Bali really die?

Aaaaaaaaaagh!! With this loud sound, the rock that shut the mouth of the cave moved. Guess who emerged out of it? King Bali!!!! He was not dead!! He had succeeded in getting rid of the monster.  He quickly returned to his kingdom.
But seeing Sugreev acting as the king, he concluded that his brother had betrayed him. It was a sad misunderstanding. Though Sugreev tried to explain himself, Bali would not listen. As a result, Sugreev was thrown out of the kingdom and told never to show his face again. Sugreev felt extremely angry and disappointed.

Sadly, the brothers became bitter enemies since then.


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