Unusual facts about underwater creatures

Unusual facts – Underwater Creatures

Did you know that there is more water on Earth than land? Yes that is correct. 70 percent of our planet is made up of oceans. These oceans are teaming with underwater life. Let us take a dive and explore some unusual facts about these underwater creatures.

  • How about never falling sick? Ask Sharks ! They are the only animals that never get sick and are immune to every known disease including cancer.
  • The whale sharks have the largest number of teeth in the world. About 4,000 teeth of them!!
  • Why do you think ‘cookiecutter’ shark is called so? Cookiecutter bites its victims to take out a cookie shaped chunk. Yum yum…
  • Guess who has the largest eyes among all animals? Giant squid! Their eyes are about 15 inches in diameter. To get an idea, grab an inch tape and see how huge that is.
  • Can you only walk backwards? Shrimps can only swim backwards. Is it because their heart is in their head? ;)
  • Sailfish is the fastest fish with an amazing speed of 68 miles per hour(109 kmph) , i.e, it is a fraction faster than tiger.
  •  Sunlight doesn’t penetrate in oceans beyond certain depth. Fishes there have to live in permanent state of darkness. So what?? They learn to glow in the dark! For example, The Anglerfish has an extra long fin with a glowing tip. The fin sticks out from the top of its head. This attracts other fish to it like moths to a candle.

There is so much more left to explore. Keep kinoozing, keep exploring !! :)


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    Wow!I never knew that the whale shark had so many teeth!this was a splendid article and it was really very interesting and useful!
    I’ll surely keep exploring and keep Kinoozing!please put more information on underwater facts soon!:) ;) :D
    Thank you

  3. esha Avatar

    oh cool. Please write more underwater facts.

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    Check this out! –

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    Nice article. I’ll keep Kinoozing.
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  5. kinooze Avatar

    Thanks for pointing that out Senuri!

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    That’s OK.

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    anyway, this article is so cool!!! I didn’t know some of the facts!

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