ravana taking sita to lanka

VijayaDashmi – Rejoicing Victory

There once was a very powerful king. He was a learned man and a talented musician. Everybody in his kingdom was happy, and everything was made of gold.
He was so intelligent and powerful that many say he had ten heads. This king’s name was Ravana.
But he was arrogant too and did something so wrong and foolish that it destroyed him, his family and his kingdom. He kidnapped Sita, the princess of Ayodhya. He brought her to Lanka against her wishes.

Ram, Sita’s husband and Ayodhya’s prince was angry when he found her missing. With his brother, Laxman, he set out to bring Sita back. On the way, they met several people including Hanuman and his monkey-faced tribe. They became his army and marched with him to Lanka.

Prince Ram requested Ravana many times to resolve the problem without a fight. He knew that a war can hurt many innocent people. Still Ravana refused to let Sita go. Eventually a battle ensued. The war went on for several days and ended when Ram killed Ravana. Sita was finally reunited with her husband.

Hindus celebrate this day of victory as Vijaya dashmi on the last day of Dussehra. Dussehra is a 10-day long festival that occurs during the month of October. Even today Ram is known for his generosity and is revered as the ideal king. On the other hand, Ravana is infamous for his evil deeds despite his many talents.

On Vijaya dashmi large effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhkarn and son Meghnad are burnt showing an end of their evil ways.
What do you do on Dussehra?

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