What does the suffix logy mean?

What Are The – Logys?

Don’t we all read about logys all the time – Biology, Archaeology, Anthropology..

What does adding  logy to different words mean? Does it have a special meaning? -logy is a suffix in the English language.  A  suffix  or  a postfix  is a set of letters that is placed  after a word that makes a new word related to  the old word.

  • When we add -logy to a word  in the names of sciences or bodies of knowledge it becomes the study of that science. For example, Archaeology or a  Neurology.
  • When we add -logy to a word that mean kinds of speech, writing or collections of writing it means a certain kind of speaking or writing. For example, trilogy or a eulogy.
Archaeology is the study of the past, particularly people, by looking at their material remains (skeletons, pottery, settlements etc). Related to Archaeology is Paleontology, which is study of fossils.
Anthropology is the study of every aspect of humans, past-future.
Biology is the study of living things.
Immunology is the study of science of the immune system.
Meteorology is the study of weather.
Ornithology is the study of birds.
Physiology is  the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.
Now can you tell me what  Technology is ?




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