What is Monsoon?

What is Monsoon?


Most of you will promptly say that monsoon is the rainy season.  Monsoons infact are some very strong winds. Thing to remember is that these winds,monsoon, always blow from cold to warm places.

In summers, when centre and north of India becomes very hot, winds(monsoon) from over the Indian Ocean blows towards this hot region. On their way these winds absorb a lot of water from the Indian ocean. So now imagine this wind carrying infinite number of tiny water balloons with it.

Soon this wind reaches the southern tip of India ( remember the ‘V’ of india, that’s the southern tip!) . Here they hit the mountains of India –  Western ghats on the west and Eastern ghats on the east. 



Now you know what happens when water balloons hit a hard surface? They burst into a splash of water! That is exactly what happens when the water laden wind hits the Indian mountains. The infinite tiny water balloons burst, releasing water and resulting in rains.

These monsoon winds don’t stop here and travel across a large part of India giving us our rainy season :)

We will walk you through the monsoon  season of India, Keep Reading :)

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