Where is Luxembourg?

In Europe, there is an extremely tiny country that looks like a fairy tale land. This country has beautiful rivers, lush green valleys and huge castles. But castles are not what this country is famous for. It has a deep treasure buried in its soil. The treasure is iron ore. This iron ore is used to make steel in factories. Luxembourg is one of the world’s largest steel makers.

The capital city, which is also known as Luxembourg,  has new buildings and has preserved the old buildings. Isn’t it funny that country and its capital city have the same name. This city is built over the Alzette river.


There is a beautiful story behind the building of this city over a river. The story is that there was once a knight who met a beautiful girl over a rock on the river. He married this kind and faithful girl, but she had two strange requests. She wanted to live in a castle above the river. And she wanted to be alone every Saturday.

For a long time, the knight was okay leaving her alone on Saturdays, but one day he became very curious and followed her to the river. He hid behind the bushes and was shocked when the girl just turned into a mermaid. He tried to grab her but the girl disappeared forever.

The capital city grew around the  castle that was built by the knight. The country is quite small, and you can miss it if you are not actually looking. It is landlocked by Germany, France and Belgium. They do not have Kings or Queens but a Duke and Duchess are the royal heads.

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