Who invented school?

Who Invented School?

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What!! Were schools also invented? Is that true? My parents went to school, their parents went to school, and their parents went to school too. Doesn’t that mean schools have been around since forever?

Let us find out.

The idea of passing knowledge in one way or the other has always been around with or without schools. The schools that we have today follow a well organised method of teaching kids under the direction of teachers. Modern day schools have evolved over a period.

In the beginning,  there were just informal passing knowledge/skills  from parents to children.  This included teaching self-defense, doing domestic chores and learning moral and civic responsibilities. Then came the  idea of grouping students together at a place to impart knowledge. This came into being since ancient times. In ancient India,  it was Gurukul. In ancient Rome, the name of such schools was Ludi, the Latin word  for “play,”. But there was no distinction on the basis of age. Ancient Greek, Egyptians and Chinese also had similar systems.

As schools became popular, many one-room schools opened up for kids to attend school full-time. These kids came from families who could afford to let their children go to school instead of making them do work. Did you know that, in the older times, even children worked?

Children studying in a group at school
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Then as the importance of learning grew, schools have become accessible to all. They have trained teachers, proper grades for kids and a different curriculum that is followed in each grade.

Now, some people say it was a man named Horace Mann who started a modern school system.  He was an outstanding teacher who taught Latin and Greek. Some others say that it was a man named Mr. Harry P. School who started it all. But frankly, there is no evidence to tell who actually invented schools!!

Teacher: Class, we will have only half days school this morning.
Class: Hooray
Teacher: We will have the other half this afternoon ;);)


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17 responses to “Who Invented School?”

  1. Angel Denise Avatar
    Angel Denise

    I in 5th grade…i hate school (Horran or Horance Mann) must be a complete geek or nerd to invent school. I wouldnt hate school if we could bring our electronics not switch classes and got out of school at 12.The only real reason i hate school is my reading teacher Ms Brown. I swear she get on my nerves.I wish she moved away.

  2. Unknown Avatar

    I like school but now I am going to 5th grade so I am really worried. :(

  3. Sky Avatar

    really? I love school( only because i have friends there)!

  4. Bob Avatar
  5. C Turner Avatar
    C Turner

    Actually the modern school was invented the result of a competition in England to design school for purposes of picking out the best design. A member of my hertiage family invented school, lived on school road, and invented the modern lessons. His innovation was the idea of classrooms and moving from room to room to recieve lessons. He won the competition circa 1865-95, and the invention of school was then stamped around the entire British Empire.

  6. Isaac Wobgo Anabilah Avatar
    Isaac Wobgo Anabilah

    I’ve benefited a lot from school class especially science class.Even though going to school needs a lot of physical work and attention,I do enjoy it.

  7. John Avatar

    How did people get the idea of school?

  8. shaniyah Avatar

    i like school alot and i hope that all the haters just not come to school ever again

  9. Nikki Nivens Avatar
    Nikki Nivens

    Hi, my name is Nikki Nivens and I’m now 45 going on 46 on April 26, 2018. When I went to school I didn’t like it much either. Well, all you young one’s stay in school and learn all you can!!! The more you can learn the more your brain will function. You young one’s are smart now, but you can be even smarter if you stay in school and listen to what your teacher’s are teaching you. I believe that what you do in life and what you become is how you got it for going to school. You can do anything if you put your mind to it!!! So, NEVER EVER quit school, please!!! “Be smart and stay in school”!!! God Bless Everyone!!!

  10. Nicolette Klick Avatar
    Nicolette Klick

    I used to be in 7th grade I don’t have any teachers that get on my nerves except Mrs.Gilbert,but now I’m in 8th grade

  11. Nicolette Klick Avatar
    Nicolette Klick

    I’m not a hater

  12. MKZ Avatar

    The only thing I like about school is that I have a lot of friends but the rest I still hate!!!

  13. urmom Avatar

    you should probably stay in 5th grade because you made multiple basic grammar mistakes.

  14. caydance Avatar

    school is the best it is a time to hang out with friends and crushes

  15. caydance Avatar

    don’t be worried 5th grade is fun.

  16. Adaline Avatar

    lol I agree. Also I like doing field trips and… SCIENCE FOR THE WIN!!! Woot Woot!

  17. declan Avatar

    Same here

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