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Why are the School Buses Yellow?

Gonna ride the school bus, the school bus…
The great big yellow school bus…
I am gonna play the whole way to school today on the school bus…
The school bus…

We have all been singing this song since we started school. Did you ever wonder why school buses are yellow? Yes, in most of the countries the school buses are yellow. This yellow is a uncommon yellow designed for the school buses.

As the history goes, the yellow color specially designed for North American school buses has a copyrighted name: “National School Bus Chrome™”. In 1939, Dr. Frank Cyr, a professor at a University in New York held a conference that established school-bus construction standards for the United States and Canada. It has been 83 years since then, and the same color is being used.

The color was selected because black lettering on that color was easiest to see in the semi-darkness of early morning. It can be easily seen in difficult weather situations. Other drivers are more aware of the yellow school buses and hence more careful.

So you see there is a reason why all the school buses are yellow. They want to keep you kids safe.

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