Why animals cant speak

Why Animals can’t Speak?

If I ask you why animals can not speak, what will be your guess?
1. Don’t animals have a tongue?
2. Don’t animals have a voice box?
3. Animals want to speak, but they can’t?

The first and the second one are not true. Most animals do have a tongue. Most of them also have a voice box that helps to make the sounds we make like – talk, sing, cough, grunt or hum.

The correct answer is the third one. Maybe animals want to talk in a language of words like us but they are not capable of doing it. The brain of animals is less developed as compared to humans. Probably that is the reason why animals can’t develop words and a language to express their feelings.

However, animals have the same feelings as we do – love, affection, anger, fear and many more. They express their feelings by making gestures and sounds. Have you noticed how a dog barks when angry and wags its tail when excited or happy or how a happy peacock dances when it rains!!

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3 responses to “Why Animals can’t Speak?”

  1. Harsh Narayan Avatar
    Harsh Narayan

    Think Out of the Box ! Perhaps we do not have enough brains to understand what they say to each other. I hope they do not say ” how stupid ? useless fellows, they buy their food, while our food is for free. They buy their clothes, while we do not need it.
    In fact whales connect to each other from kilometers away and they do not need any mobile, its free !

  2. kinooze Avatar

    You might be right! Maybe it is us who do not know their language :) Who is the dumber one then?

  3. supritha Avatar

    I think animals have a voice box that’s why its makes sound.but,why it is cant talk its my doubt…
    some animals also have toungue then, why that not makes sound?

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