Why do things Fall Down?

Why Do Things Fall Down?

Ever tried throwing a ball, high up in the air? Does it keep flying? No, it comes back to the ground. You might think it is magic? But an adult will disagree and say that it is gravity, and you would think that maybe it is a fancy name for “magic”.

What does gravity mean? Some force that is pulling all of us “down” ?? Okay it is a little bit clearer but why is some force pulling us down? Let me try to explain. There is an invisible force (also called pull) that attracts any two objects found in the Universe. The heavier object has a stronger pull.

We don’t feel the pull from each other in daily life because our pull is very very small. But the Earth is huge and so it’s pull is also huge and that’s why everything falls down towards it. This pull of Earth on every object is called “gravity

Phew!! Did you get it now?

If you go to the moon which is much smaller than Earth you will feel much lighter because it’s pull is weaker than Earth. To give you an example, if you weigh 30 kg on the Earth you will feel like you only weigh 5 kg on the moon. Talk about losing weight !!

Next time your mom is working out to try and lose some weight – you know where exactly to send her to – The Moon !!


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