A Life Without Problems

(Problems – good thing or bad? Eight year old Kaavya tells us what she feels.)

Life without problems

Image Credit: Flickr User orsocurioso, via CC

A life without problems might seem loads of fun. Everything would be very easy, but easy things are boring too. I would never get sick and I would never get lost. I love mystery movies and if there are no problems then there would be no mystery movies because they have problems in them . There will be no word problems in maths. All famous people like the Wright brothers wouldn’t have invented anything if there weren’t any problems. Problems keep our mind and body active and we learn and invent new things. Now I learn that problems aren’t bad after all . Life wouldn’t be fun without them.


  1. Very well written, Kaavya! So proud of you!

    Remember a problem is only a problem the first time you experience it – next time you know how to deal with it!

  2. Really Really good!
    Loved this article!
    And I totally agree with you that -A LIFE WITHOUT PROBLEMS IS AMAZING!

    written by:-ZEAL

  3. Wow,this was cool!I agree that a life without problems wouldn’t be fun and everything would be so easy and would be done really quickly,and anyway we learn through are problems and mistakes only!
    Please keep writing awesome articles like this soon!good luck! :) ;) :D

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