An Eagle Without Wings

An Eagle Without Wings

(An emotional poem by Ansh, 11, about a flightless eagle that meets a tragic end.)

Image Credit: Flickr User USFWS Mountain Prairie, via CC

A soaring bird glided through the noon sky,
Another watched helplessly with a mournful sigh,
Thus he could not fly only fiddle with things,
An eagle without wings.

A victim snapped in another’s beak,
But one just hungrily sat like a freak,
Thus helplessly watched as others dart like slings,
An eagle without wings.

Soon night fell and things changed,
Morning came,
Their lied an eagle who had met his end and starved to death,
Sparrows chirped away as they sing,
This is an eagle without wings.

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8 responses to “An Eagle Without Wings”

  1. Anuj Avatar

    Very good imagination !! Love to read your poems and stories..

  2. Vishal Pant Avatar
    Vishal Pant

    Hi Ansh very well written and very moving poem.. I am actually feeling sad for the Eagle : (

  3. Gaurav Jindal Avatar
    Gaurav Jindal

    Hi Ansh, very emotional poem, liked it very much… quite touchy..

  4. uday Avatar

    Ansh.. a very different thought and really nice.. poem .. how did you get this idea.

  5. deepa goel Avatar
    deepa goel

    well imagined, really feeling bad about the poor eagle

  6. rajiv Avatar

    well written Ansh…

  7. Ayesha Avatar

    Ansh bhaiya your poem is really nice and it is creative

  8. Arusha Avatar

    Awesome eagle your favorite bird?your vocabulary is fantastic!! :). ;). :D

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