life moves on

Life Moves On


(A pragmatic poem by our little writer Mihika, who is just eight years old.)


Image Credit: Flickr User HikingArtist, via CC

Cars are stuck in a terrible jam,
Baby’s sitting in their cushy pram,
Trains go on a bumpy ride,
Camels choose the humpy side,
Trucks are going everywhere,
Parcels go here and there,
The planes ride on the runway,
People in the plane shout yay yay yay,
Some rides are easy some are rough,
But for all of us the Life Moves On.

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11 responses to “Life Moves On”

  1. Anuj Singhal Avatar
    Anuj Singhal

    Very well written Mihika and a good message to all of us ”life moves on’ . Keep writing and will look forward for your next poem/ story.

  2. Vishal Pant Avatar
    Vishal Pant

    Very nice and meaningful poem Mihika. Its refreshing :-)

  3. MIHIKA Avatar

    thanks a lot papa

  4. Vivek Avatar

    Nice poem Mihika – This is in the Kishore da mode.

  5. Alexander John Avatar
    Alexander John

    Mihika, you are so talented. A really nice poem, and very meaningful too..

  6. Siddhartha Joshi Avatar
    Siddhartha Joshi

    Wow Mihika, you always impress me with your beautiful writing as well as the insightful thoughts.

    You have the makings of a good writer/ poet. Keep it up girl :) I will look forward to more and more such awesomeness…

  7. Nidhi Sinha Avatar
    Nidhi Sinha

    Mihika, this is amazing… the way you have conveyed a profound message in such a simple way! Look forward to reading more creations from you.

  8. Gargi Pant Avatar
    Gargi Pant

    Mihika you have really made me proud. You are amazingly talented. Keep it up. Looking forward to your next.

  9. Kaavya Avatar

    Great poem mihika!
    And great message o

  10. Arusha Avatar

    Excellent poem!awesome message too :) ;) :D :) ;) :D .i’m looking forward to more.

  11. pratiksha satapathy Avatar
    pratiksha satapathy

    very well written proud to be your friend

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