Haircut doesn’t Hurt, Why?


HairCut does not hurt

A cut or even a scrape somewhere on your body hurts. But what about when you get your hair cut? Why doesn’t it hurt then?

Mostly all of our body has nerves. Nerves send messages to our brain about how we feel pain. They help us sense temperature like hot or cold and recognize textures like rough or soft.

However, hair is one of the few parts of your body that don’t have any nerves. So, obviously no matter how often you get a haircut it won’t hurt you!

Nerves have to be the best runners to be able to do their outstanding job.
It’s only milliseconds after putting your hand under running hot water your brain realizes it too hot and you pull your hand away!

A No Brainer!
What other body part does not hurt when they are cut?
Your finger-nails !! Remember they also don’t hurt when you get them cut unless the skin under the nails gets pinched.

(Image Credit: Flickr User Pratham Books)

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