A Fuel Cell Vehicle Or A Food Car?


Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicle, Image Credit: Hyundai.com

When I say food car, the image of a mobile van serving delicious hot-dogs and ice creams comes to your mind, doesn’t it? But here the food car is actually a food farm. Hyundai’s new invention, the food car is displayed at London Design Museum.

How can a car double up as a food farm?

Well, the vehicle uses a new technology that enables it to emit water vapor and steam – instead of smoke / harmful gases that other cars emit. This water vapor is then filtered into a fish tank and minerals from the fish poo are used to grow plants.

A dinner will be hosted by Rosie Boycott, Chair of London Food Board later at a special event. The plants grown in the car will be cooked by top chef Tom Hunt  and served at this dinner.

So will this car be used to make plants for dinners? Probably not. This is a demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell technology by the car company Hyundai.  If more cars were created by using this technology, then the environment will be much cleaner.

If you are in London, don’t miss it as the event is only for today.


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