Who is A Lawyer?

Reading The laws

Image Credit: Pixabay User Nemo, via CC

A lawyer is a person who is cool,

To become one he goes to law school.

Oh! All the laws that he has to cram,

In order to pass the BAR exam.

There are many different types of lawyers,

And they are paid top dollar.

A criminal defense lawyer works all the time,

And saves the people that are accused of committing crimes.

A tax lawyer is the one that studies the tax law,

To keep his clients out of IRS’s claw.

For the whole day, a Real estate lawyer would roam,

Just so his clients can get their dream home.

And when someone wants  to adopt a child,

Family lawyer gets their case filed.

They have a dress code for the court,

In black coat, they have to report.

Now you see why lawyers are so popular?

They do a lot more than a mere “I object your honor.”

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