Bounce like a Bouncy Ball

Guess this one. Where are you if you are bouncing effortlessly like a bouncy ball, again and again, without hurting your knees or ankle and without getting tired?

You are most probably jumping on a Trampoline !!

Have you ever wondered how trampoline is made? If you notice, trampolines have a rectangular or a circular base. This base has a net of springs connected to the frame.These springs are attached to a very strong fabric which makes a jumping surface.

But then how do you get so much bounce?
When you jump on the trampoline with lots of energy, all that energy is stored in the springs that are under the fabric. When you land on the fabric surface again, the energy stored in the spring pushes you up to bounce higher in the air.

If you think trampoline is all for fun, that’s not so correct. The United States Navy Flight School used trampoline to train pilots during World War II. Trampolines were also used to train American and Soviet astronauts during the early years of the space program.

Did you know?
Trampolining is a sport where gymnasts perform acrobatic stunts while bouncing on a trampoline. In 2000, the Olympics recognized trampolining as an official Olympic event. Watch this video:


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