Candy on a stick top- Lollipop

Candy on stick top – Lollipop !!

One candy that we all surely like is lollipop!! Isn’t it fun to slurp it until it becomes tiny enough to crunch and eat. Yummy!!

You will be surprised to know this but even cavemen enjoyed this sweet treat thousands of years ago. They accidentally made lollipops by collecting honey from beehives with a stick. Not wanting to waste the sweet nectar, they most likely licked the stick. 

Good for them and good for us !!

Ancient Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians all mixed fruit and nut in honey and inserted sticks into the mixture so that it was easier to eat. Hmm .. Much healthier lollipop.

The modern day lollipop was invented in 1908 by a man called George Smith who  trademarked the name ‘Lollipop’. ‘Lolly’ means ‘Tongue’ and ‘Pop’ means ‘Slap’. Funny right?

Also the world’s largest lollipop was more than 15 feet tall including stick, about as tall a giraffe. Can you guess the flavor of the world’s largest lollipop?
If you guessed Cherry, you’re right!

Some fun facts about lollies:

  •  Flavored lollipops containing medicine are made so they can be had by children without making a fuss.
  • US celebrates National Lollipop Day  on July 20th.
  • Today’s machines produce 5,900 lollipops per minute. 

Today is July 20th, Isn’t it?  Let the slurping begin ;)


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  1. Cassidy Avatar

    I love this information. Can you put more history in it

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