How was cheese pizza made

Cheeza Pizza

Where was the first pizza made? Italy is what you may say for the answer. But did you know that ancient Greeks used to eat something similar, back in 600 BC. Naples in 600 BC was a Greek settlement. A lot of people used to eat a flat bread topped with tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, anchovies and garlic. These ingredients were cheap and found in abundance or the working class could afford it daily.

However this flat bread got its name as pizza somewhere in the late 18th century. Then in the late 19th century this got really popular.  How so? The story goes like this – King Umberto I and Queen Margarita were visiting Naples and they were so bored of eating their daily food (which was french food) they ordered a local chef to make something different. They ordered an assortment of pizzas from the pizzeria. The queen loved the Pizzas. The one that she loved the most is the one that we know today as “Cheese Margarita”. But the pizza was not very famous in Italy except in Naples and the areas nearby.

A lot of Italians immigrated to the US and other parts of Europe in early 20th century. It was here that the craze of Pizza started picking up. It was a fun fast food loaded with flavors. Pizza evolved and took up more local flavors in US topping like barbecued chicken and smoked salmon.

Much later after World War II was when Pizza became famous in Italy as an American food.

How many times have you drooled while reading this. Ready to order a nice slice of Pizza?


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  1. Esha Avatar

    Nice to know where pizzas came from. My question is What do French people eat?

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