Chhota Bheem And The Two Giants

(Saksham, 7, writes a story inspired by strength and wit of Chhota Bheem)

Once upon a time in a place called Botakpur lived two giants. There was one big giant and a small giant. One day when the giants were going for a walk they saw many people walking with guns. The giants thought that the people are going to shoot them because the giants were very clever. And indeed, the people wanted to shoot them. But the giants were too clever. The small giant started hitting the people and passing them to the big giant. The big giant kept on eating the people.

Now there were no people left to eat. So, the giants decided to go somewhere else. They went to a place called Dholakpur. “We can eat many people here and nobody can harm us”, thought the giants. Then they started hiding so nobody could see them. At night they would come out of their cave and eat people. One day the king came to know about the giants. He asked the guards to see how the giants look and click pictures of them. The guards clicked pictures of the giants and showed them to the king. Then he asked the guards to fight the giants. But the guards said they were scared.


So the king asked Chhota Bheem and his friends to fight the giants. And that night they challenged the giants for a fight. The small giant got killed easily. But the big giant was tough. Then Bheem got an idea. He asked the giant to chase him. Then they approached a river and the moment the giant tried to punch him they pushed him in the river and he flowed away with the river and never came back. And that is how Bheem solved another problem in Dholakpur.

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10 responses to “Chhota Bheem And The Two Giants”

  1. AVATHANSHU Avatar

    Complete action story.!!!. loved it Saksham

  2. Saksham Avatar

    Thanks Anshu for your appreciation.I actually saw this in my dream :)

  3. sanjay Avatar

    Good story. Nice imagination on how to resolve an issue.
    Keep it up.

  4. ultimateadi Avatar

    Nice story, lots of action in it.

  5. Zeal2000 Avatar

    Really nice story.Keep it up!!

  6. Saksham Avatar

    Thanks. I even think of nany stories like that

  7. Arusha Avatar

    Wow this is what I call great story!keep writing awesome stuff!

  8. shash Avatar

    good stuff. keep posting. :)

  9. Akash Avatar

    One of the best cartoons in India. Love to watch everytime i get bored. Huge respect for the makers of this show.

  10. Dipti Avatar

    Very good story

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