Discovery or Invention

Discovery or Invention?

Imagine if no one had discovered dinosaur fossils we would not have known that these majestic creatures existed. If Issac Newton would not have discovered the law of gravity, we would still be clueless about why things fall downwards and don’t fly back up. Think  if cars, planes and computers were not invented. Without these incredible discoveries and marvelous inventions,  the world would be a totally different place, right? Wait a minute… Are discoveries any different from inventions ? Yes, they are very different.

Discovery means finding out something new which exists, but was earlier unknown.  For example, people discovered gold in the gold rush in 19th and early 20th centuries. The gold had always been there, but people just found out about it one day. Discovery could be as small as you discovering one morning that your sock has a tiny hole ;)

Invention on the other hand means to make or create something new that never existed before. For example, ‘Insulin’ a medicine for people whose pancreas don’t function properly was invented by Frederick Banting. Airplanes were invented  by the Wright Brothers and the ‘the father of computing’, Charles Babbage invented computers.

While inventions usually are extremely helpful and give to the society, a discovery may or may not always be very helpful.

Now here is a little trivia for you.

Was zero discovered or invented?

Keep thinking and let us know !!


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