What are Alliterations?

Elephant Expecting Emails

Do you notice something peculiar about the sentence? For one I’m quite amused that elephants get emails;) But the other thing that is rather amusing is that if you observe, all the words in the sentence are starting with the same letter. Such phrases or sentences are called alliterations.

Here is a fun alliteration:

Betty bought some butter but the butter was bitter so Betty bought more butter to make bitter butter better.

Alliterations can sometimes make funny tongue twisters like the one above. Tongue twisters are a combination of words put together that are difficult to speak clearly. Sometimes when most words in a phrase start with the same letter as in an alliteration, that phrase becomes especially hard to say when said repeatedly with speed.

You can make your own fun alliterations. Let’s begin with the simple ones. It’s easy. Really!Pick any alphabet. Begin the sentence with Noun(naming word). Then add a verb(doing word). End with a noun(naming word again!). For example:

Nightingale nibbles nuts
Lucy licks lemons

As you get smarter you can make longer sentences by describing more and more. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and get on with it!!

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One response to “Elephant Expecting Emails”

  1. Deepti Avatar

    This is a very interesting article, now I’m trying to make alliterations with every alphabet :)

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