Why do We Get Hiccups?


You just took a bite of food that is a little spicy for your taste and hic…hic…hic…Hicupps!! How did you get hiccups all of a sudden??

Well, you can blame it on your Diapragm! Never heard of it????
Diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle in our body between the chest and the stomach. When we breathe in air, the diaphragm contracts which in turn presses the stomach and the lungs are filled with air. When we breathe out, the air comes out from the lungs and the diaphragm also goes up. Diaphragm works normally most of the times but sometimes something can irritate it.

It may be eating too quickly, eating too spicy or eating too much ;) It may also be feeling too nervous or very excited. When this happens, diaphragm contracts suddenly. This makes you suck air into your throat suddenly. When this rushing air hits the voice box, it makes the funny ‘hic’ sound that we call a hiccup.


So, what’s the cure? There are many things people say, try one next time you go hiccuping!! Hiccups - It Works
Drink a glass of cold water
Hold your breadth for 5 counts
Tell someone to jump out and scare you!!

See which one works best for you ;)

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