Jim's special day

Jim’s Special Day

(After “An awesome day”, nine year old Kush writes another cute story)

Image credit: Flickr user destinoeric, via CC

Jim was very happy. He was going to the shopping mall today. He was planning what he was going to do. His parents said, “It’s time to go Jim”. Jim rushed and jumped into the car. He was thinking when he goes to the mall what kinds of toys would he get.

They reached the mall soon. It looked so big, and hundreds of people seemed like clustering the shops and take away things.

Jim wished he would find a good toy and that no other person would take it. He was very impatient to get his toy. His mother said, “Jim, don’t you want to get your toy”? Jim said yes and rushed to get it. Finally, he got a good one and was very happy.

They then ate food and played games. Jim had a lot of fun. Jim said, “I wish I could have a day like this every day”.

Oh! It was such a great day for Jim. 

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2 responses to “Jim’s Special Day”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    Cool story

  2. Zeal2000 Avatar

    i agree with you.

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