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Image Credit: Flickr User oddsock, via CC

The idea of homes moving around might be a little odd to you. After all its always people who move from one place to another and find different homes to live in. Well, that’s true almost all the times but not always! Sometimes people move from one place to other along with their homes. Puzzled?

May be you have noted them around but never thought of them as homes. For instance, ever heard of tents? A shelter made out of fabric or sometimes other material  attached to a frame of poles by strong ropes. I bet you have heard of them, or may be even stayed in one during one of your camping or trekking trips. While tents are usually used as temporary shelters, they are used as portable homes by nomads.

A tent
Image Credit: Flickr User foilman, via CC

A caravan or a trailer is a home on wheels. It is a vehicle fully furnished from inside, either pulled by a truck or a tractor or sometimes even capable of moving on its own. People, who love to be always on the move, make trailers their home. So don’t they feel inconvenient. Not really. Here is a bit about indoors of a trailer. A house trailer can have bedrooms with beds, television, radio/CD/DVD/MP3 player, Air heating/cooling, toilets and bathrooms with showers.  And a kitchen with refrigerator,stove, oven, and microwave!! Concept of trailers is quite popular in America, United Kingdom and Australia.

A house trailer
Image Credit: Flickr User kismihok, via CC
Trailer Interiors
Image Credit: Flickr User dwstucke, via CC

Very little heard of is yurt. A yurt is a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

Frame of a Yurt
Image Credit: Flickr User van_mij, via CC
Mongolian yurts
Image Credit: Flickr User Fighting Irish 1977, via CC

And how about homes that move on water? A houseboat !! It’s a boat that has been designed to be used as a place to live. They can be motorized or otherwise.

Houseboats in Kerela, India
Image Credit: Flickr User mckaysavage, via CC

They have all the amenities inside the boat that are there in a house. I’m sure you’re thinking why would people want to live on water instead of land? I’m thinking that too…. Hmm……

May be for some its closeness to nature and for some it is combining home with pleasure!! :)


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