Jessica Cox

No Hands, No Wings, Will fly!

Image Credit: ipernity user Elizabeth, via CC

Nothing can be truer than the saying that “Where there is a will, there is a way”, especially if you look at the life of Jessica cox.

This amazing girl was born without hands. Today she can ride a bike, drive a car and fly an airplane. Confused? How does she do it? She uses her legs as if they were her hands.

Her story is so inspiring. It is incredible that people with disabilities sometimes achieve more than people who seem to be perfectly normal.

Jessica Cox was born 1983 in Arizona. She is the world’s first licensed armless pilot. She can defend herself absolutely fine as she is also the first armless black-belt in Taekwondo.

Jessica Cox took a motivational joy ride at Wright Flight and decided that she wanted to be a pilot. She received her training through an Able Flight scholarship.

She became a free bird  on October 10, 2008. That was the day she received her pilot’s license. It was not easy! She trained for almost three years to be able to fly a light-sport aircraft soaring upto a height of 10,000 feet.

Next time you complain that you cannot do something, just pause for a minute and think about Jessica. I am sure you would feel differently after that.

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2 responses to “No Hands, No Wings, Will fly!”

  1. Patrick Chamberlain Avatar
    Patrick Chamberlain

    Jessica only received one flight from Wright Flight. They only offer first time joy rides.

  2. kinooze Avatar

    Many thanks for pointing that out.

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