Noah's ark

Noah’s Ark

Long time ago there lived a truly good man named Noah. He was honest, helpful and hardworking. He loved God a lot, and God loved him back for his pleasant ways. One day God was looking down at Earth and became extremely sad. All the people on earth, other than Noah were dishonest, selfish and mean. They were always fighting with each other. They had become so evil that they could not even think of doing one good deed.

One day God was terribly unhappy with all this evil and thought of cleansing the Earth. He decided that it would pour like cats and dogs for forty days and forty nights. The continuous rain will bring floods which will wash all the evil away. But then god did not want nice Noah or all the animals in the world to get hurt. So he asked Noah to make an ark. Noah was puzzled but started building it. Everybody laughed at him for making a giant ship when there was no water around.



When the ark was made God asked Noah to put a pair of ever kind of animal that existed on earth. He asked Noah and his family to go and live in the ark. Then it began to rain, and it poured and poured. The water began to rise slowly at first and then the whole of Earth was flooded. But Noah’s ark floated safely in that water.

After forty days,  the rain stopped. Everybody stayed inside the ark until all the water disappeared. And then finally Noah, his family and all the animals stepped out of the ark. Earth looked beautiful with rainbows in the sky. There was no fighting, no bickering, no cruelty anymore. They all lived happily ever after.

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  1. Destiny Avatar

    There are four children that im trying to teach about the bible can you give me some fun tips about how to teach them in a fun way!!?

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