Why does popcorn pop??

Pop Pop Pop….Popcorn!!

Pop-pop-pop, Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop…….what else are we talking about but mouth melting, crunchy  popcorn! They are the best movie buddies. Aren’t they? But have you ever wondered about the crackling sound they make when cooked?

Why does popcorn pop??

What happens is that each tiny golden bead of corn has an even tinier water droplet inside it. When we cook the corn, the droplet of water inside of the corn also gets heated up. Whenever water heats up, it turns into steam. Steam which is a gas, needs much much larger space to fit. So when the water inside the corn turns into steam, it becomes bigger in size so much that it is not able to fit in the corn kernel and it puts pressure to come out. Eventually, the whole thing just bursts open. Isn’t this similar to when you blow up a balloon. If you fill too much air in the balloon, the balloon bursts!

Why does popcorn pop??

This bursting turns the corn inside-out. The white starchy insides end up on the outside and corn shell on the inside! Notice it the next time you pop the corn into you mouth !!

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