Responsible Me?

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When asked, if you are responsible most of you will confidently say ‘yes’!! But let us see if you actually are responsible. How many of the below listed things you follow?

I brush my teeth without being reminded about it.

Food is not for playing. I eat it rather than playing with it.

I do not hide my vegetable under the bread or behind the bowl. They should be where they belong. In my mouth!

I eat candies within the limit set by my mum. After all excess of those gives cavities and stomach aches.

I own up my mistakes and do not blame others.

I flush the toilet every time I use it and leave it clean to be used by others.

I respect elders and I am polite to everybody around me.

I do not litter my surroundings. Trash should go in the bins.

I am attentive in listening at school and at home.

I  pack my bag every night so that I don’t miss taking anything to school the next day.

I do my homework without creating fuss about it. It will take much lesser time that way.

I do share or give away the toys/ books I don’t use anymore. They better be used by someone than collect dust.

I go out to play everyday. It is so much more fun than just watching television at home.

I take care of Mother Earth the way it takes care of us. I do not use plastic,  I do not waste water and try to plant a few trees from time to time with my parents help.

If your answered most of them in a yes then you are indeed responsible. We are proud of you!! If  you didn’t, never mind! It’s never too late. Why don’t you start from today??


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