sandcastle and beaches

SandCastles and Beaches

Once upon a time land and ocean got into a big fight.

“The sandcastles and the beach are mine”, the land said.

“Huh! They are so not yours, they are mine”, the ocean roared.

When there was low tide the land said, “See the beach is not under water, it totally belongs to me people are playing, running and making sandcastles”, smirked the land.

The ocean got angry, collected all the waves together and said,” Let us go all the way in as far as we can and then come back and take all the shore with us”.

“We will show the land”, the waves snickered.

The land pulled her face when the entire beach was under water and saw that the Sandcastles disappeared and said “As if, this doesn’t even mean anything.”

The ocean was enjoying his moment of glory when the land said, “Hey wait! Why don’t we ask all the crabs, starfish and other sea creatures that live on the shore to decide where they live?”.

The ocean scratched his head and said, “Fine, but I am sure they will pick me”.

They both looked at the sea creatures that lay on the shore.  All the sea creatures looked at each other wanting not to answer as they needed both water and land to survive.

No one said anything.

The ocean and land were getting impatient.

The little starfish gathered all the courage and said,” We will tell you if you don’t get angry”.

“We will not”, said both of them together glaring at each other.

“Well the thing is,” the little starfish started haltingly, ” It is not easy to live like this, belonging to the ocean sometimes and land the other times, but we need both and so does the beach and so it belongs to you both.”

The land  giggled as she heard this “See you were fighting with me for no reason”.

Ocean yelled, “No you were fighting with me for no reason”.

The Beach, Sandcastles and all the sea creatures just looked at each other smilingly.


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