Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Tommy had turned nine this November and this Christmas was going to be different. This year he was not sure if Santa existed. Some of his friends at school snickered and made fun of him when he told them, he believed in Santa.

“There is no Santa Claus,”  Marty laughed.

“You are so dumb!”  jeered Sam.

“What? Who told you that there is no Santa? People have been making up such stories for a long time. Don’t listen to them.” Mom said.

Mom never lied, and if she said that there is Santa it had to be true. So this time, in the letter to Santa, Tommy wrote that he just wanted to meet him this Christmas and no other gifts.

Five days before Christmas Mom took Tommy for Christmas shopping. She asked Tommy to buy something for anybody that he knew. He thought of Myra. She needed a new school bag. Her old one was completely torn.

After bringing it home, they wrapped it, and next day Tommy took it to school. He went a bit earlier and left the bag on Myra’s desk.  Soon after, He realised that mom had asked him to write ‘from Santa Claus’ on the gift, but he had forgotten to do so.  Hiding behind the door, he waited for her. As soon as she saw the gift she was thrilled. Tommy came out from his hiding, and Myra was jumping with joy. When she saw him, she came running to him and said, “Tommy, I got a gift from Santa”.

Tommy cannot explain the happiness he experienced that day. Tommy understood then what mom was trying to tell him. Santa Claus does exist, and anyone can be his little helper.

He believes in Santa more than ever now, Do you?



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2 responses to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

  1. Esha Avatar

    yes i believe in santa

  2. Arusha Avatar

    Of course I do. I believe in Santa. Merry Christmas ;)

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