Statues of a different kind

Statues of a different kind

You would say what’s so great about statues? They are usually some figures made out of stone.

But hey, look carefully. This statue is not made of stone but actually a human!! Sometimes people put lots of make up and stay still for hours to pose like a statue.

Try standing absolutely still for a minute. Please try.

Wasn’t that tough? Imagine how much patience and body control someone doing it for hours would have. 

So why do they do such a tough job?
Human statues are artists who like to perform in public places like busy parks and streets. In turn, Passersby who are impressed, reward them with money. 

Human statues are not very popular in our country but they are found plentiful on the streets of Europe.




Did you know this?
The World Championship of Living Statues is held annually at Arnhem in the Netherlands.

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