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Wow ! Superheroes! Their ‘save the world’ acts are so thrilling!! Have you wondered if they really exist?? Sadly, No. A Superhero is an imaginary character who usually possesses some super powers – powers to do extraordinary things that normal humans can’t do.  They are generally costumed crime fighters and have very different names according to their personality and a unique manner of speech. They are dedicated to protect the public against the evil.


Probably one of the oldest and most popular Superhero is The Superman. As the story goes, he was born on the planet Krypton and landed on Earth moments before Krypton got destroyed. The little boy was discovered by an American farmer and his wife. He was named Clark Kent. He showed superhuman abilities since chilhood. As he grew up he used his powers for the benefit of humanity, as he was raised with strong moral values. His powers included super-speed, super-strength, super-hearing, super-vision and many more. Whoa! that’s a whole lot of powers!!


Another very popular superhero is Spiderman. Unlike superman, he wasn’t born with superpowers. It is an interesting story of a teenager boy Peter Parker who gets super strength only after he gets bitten by a mysterious spider. After being stung, he gets the ability to cling to buildings, shoot spider-webs and react to danger quickly with his “spidey-sense”, enabling him to fight all evil.



And how can we not talk about Batman? Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an American millionaire industrialist. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any magical superpowers.  He makes use of his wealth, science and technology to fight against crime.

While these superheroes are most popular, they are not the only ones. Green Arrow, Captain America, Elektra, Ironman, Cyclops and many more are a little less known.

Hey! why don’t you try and make your own supehero? What can be more fun than that – any costume, any name, whatever superpowers you want… who knows your superhero might become the most popular of them all!!

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