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The iPad Generation

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These days we are bringing up kids in a generation that we like to call the iPad generation. Kids can spend hours playing their favorite games on the tablet. Since most of us parents have a laptop that we are hooked on to 24/7, it is normal for our kids to feel that that’s the way to go.

But we as parents find ourselves asking the same questions. Some ask  “I don’t want my child on computers, am I right in keeping him away?”, “Should I allow him to play for so long?”, “When should I say no?”.

A lot of parents believe in a noTech environment.  They think that kids should do something real like ride a bike, read books or play out with friends.Where as there is another set of parents who let their kids use the iPad or their smartphone for long hours as they feel their kids need to be tech-savvy or they will be left behind. But where should we draw a line? That is something we are all a bit confused about. How much exposure is right if it is right? Computer is a wonderful tool that helps

Well, we must get our kids familiar to the Computers (laptops, iPads). They should be introduced as wonderful tools that will aid in the development of the child. Here is a short list of things that a computer is good for even without an internet connection. Kids can use it as a sketching/painting device, a calculator, a media player for entertainment, for learning computer programming which helps them develop logical thinking, and for playing games just like any other toy. The number of hours that they use the device should however be controlled. Give them the latest technology – Yes – but only if you’re willing to put just as much into the other aspects of their life and learning.

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Let us talk about Internet now. Is it a big bad Wolf? Not really. It could be bad if the child is left on the net for long hours without adult supervision or parental control. It’s very important for the kid to be safe when online. If used properly it has a wealth of information to offer your child. The kids can keep themselves updated about what is happening around them, read wonderful facts about anything that interests them. There are a lot of safe, kid-friendly websites that your kids can use. If you do allow them to use the internet, be there while they use it. Make it an experience that the child enjoys with you, the parent. Don’t let the internet turn into the TV babysitter that some parents use.
It is all a matter of balance and parenting is indeed a tough balancing act.
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