The large Elephant

The Large Elephant

(Not just a plain story, but a roller coaster adventure by Zwe, 12 )

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

Long ago when Earth was ruled by animals, a baby elephant was born in the “Leaf Village”. He was half the size of his mother. Everybody thought he was disgusting, and they hated him. So they mocked and bullied the baby elephant. He became very sad and ran away to the dark woods and never came back to that village. After several years, there were rumors that he was alive. Some animals said that animals who went to the dark woods never came back because that elephant killed them. But most of them didn’t care and didn’t worry about it too much. They thought it was a tall tale.

At the same time as the birth of the large elephant, in a far away  kingdom called “Flomo” (a capital city of the world where kings are born) a future ruler of the world – a cute small lion, was born. He was very wise and had great strength. He became the ruler of the world at the age of 20 when his father died.

In those times, all the animals ate fruits and vegetables.

The elephant of the “Leaf Village” that everybody hated was now the largest of any other elephants now. It had great strength without any fear. He ate at least 2 animals a day. But no one knew he was real because he killed the animals immediately. Animals of “Leaf Village” thought most of the animals only died of starvation when they got lost in the dark wood.

The Lion king had two baby cubs when he was 25 years old. Their names were Sean and John. Now these two had special abilities. Sean had the ability to work without getting tired. John had the ability to run very fast. The king made them as fruits and vegetables picker.

One day, Sean and John, went to pick fruits and vegetables as usual. They looked at all the places they usually picked, but no fruits and vegetables were not found at all. They had no choice but had to go look for them in the dark woods. They went to the dark woods and began to get scared.

“Are we going the right way?”Asked  Sean.

“Of course we are going the right way”, answered John.


As John and Sean get farther and farther found the kingdom, they found bones of different animals. Finally, they saw the large elephant.
“It’s true, it is not a tall tale after all, an elephant who is five times bigger than the other elephants”, said John whispering to himself.

They were so scared that they forget to shout; before they could run the elephant caught them with his trunk and gobbled them up. But lucky John was swifter than the elephant’s trunk. He escaped the elephant. The elephant gobbled Sean and spit out his bones.

John ran very fast that he got to the kingdom before night. John told the king everything about it. The king became very angry.
He rushed to his room and wore his fold heavy sword and the armour which kings wore when they fought. He had never worn the armour earlier because everybody obeyed him and there was peace everywhere.

The king took his 15 best knights and went to that dark wood. They got to the dark wood at dawn when heavy mist covered and barely anything could be seen. One hour passed and still there was no sight of the large elephant. The mist was slowly fading away. Suddenly the brave lion heard a cry “arr”. Then he found his soldiers being killed one by one by the shadows of the mist. He could not help them because he could not see anything.

Then for the next few minutes he could not hear any sound or footsteps, everything was absolutely still. Finally, the mist faded away. Then he saw the large elephant clearly, very huge, and saw all of his troops lay dead. There was blood everywhere. Then the strong king and the large elephant fought. The elephant’s trunk was so quick that he pushed the lion and took his sword and tried to kill him. Before he could do that the sun rose, and the light reflected from the lion’s clear gold armour blinding the elephant.

Now this was the lion’s opportunity. He swiftly took the sword from the elephant and struck the elephant in his stomach. Now the blinded creature felt the pain and realized how easy it was to hurt someone but the person that you hurt felt a lot of pain. The brave lion was all in blood that he looked like a killer. The lion carried the gigantic elephant to the kingdom. He fainted upon reaching the kingdom.

In the morning, he found himself at his bedroom. This story was spread all across the world by newspapers and words. From that day on, the whole world lived peacefully until his death.


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