The Witty Village Girl

The Witty Village Girl

Once there lived a young girl in a tiny village. Her father was a farmer. She was a very witty and a hardworking girl who helped her father with farming. One day her father was away and she was busy digging the land so that she could sow the seeds.

While she was at work, a strange looking man approached her. Now this man was a thief who wanted to steal money and ornaments from the village temple. The only way to reach the temple was to pass through the little girl’s land. No one in those days was allowed to pass the land without permission. He asked the girl if she would sell the land to him for two thousand silver coins. This price was very high for the land.

When he quoted an undeserving price for that piece of land, the girl became very suspicious of him. She thought to herself what was the motive of this stranger? Why was he unnecessarily paying extra price for the land? It puzzled her but she immediately thought of teaching him a lesson.

The man started digging for treasureShe told him that she will not sell the land as it had a treasure hidden under it. The girl said she wasn’t digging it for seeds but was looking for the treasure. The man couldn’t say anything to it and pretended to leave. But he hid behind the bushes nearby. When the girl left with her father in the evening, the thief came out from the hiding and started digging for the treasure. This is exactly what the girl had anticipated!!  He dug up the entire land whole night but all in vain. He realized by then that the little girl had outsmarted him.
As morning fell, he left the village in embarrassment.

When the girl and her father returned to the fields, the girl smiled as she knew what had happened. Her father was puzzled by what he saw. The girl told him whatever had happened earlier. They both had a good laugh about it.

Now you see with lots of wit how that girl made the situation in her favor. Not only the theft was avoided, but also she was spared  from all the digging !! All she had to do now was to sow the seeds and reap the benefits!!

So kids, two things that we can learn from the story. First is that as long as we think smartly, we can make any situation favorable. Secondly, if any stranger is offering us something very tempting, then we have to be careful of him.

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    Nice story

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