Thousand fruits on a platter

Thousand Fruits On A Platter

How can that even be possible? Thousand fruits on a platter. Yes it is if you dry them up and squeeze them into tiny sizes. Now can you guess what we are talking about? Dry fruits or commonly known as nuts taste terrific and are so good for you. Let us explore here which nut provides what?

Have you ever heard  that the shape of fruits and vegetables gives a hint as to what it is good for?

Almonds – Isn’t it amusing that a nut that looks like eyes is actually darned good for eyesight. Soaked almonds are very good for keeping your eyesight healthy throughout your life.

Walnuts – No prizes for guessing that this nut can do wonders for you brain. Packed with nutrients walnuts keep you healthy and wise.

Cashew nuts – Okay this smiley nut, which is shaped, as a smile keeps you happy. It has vitamins that will keep your heart smiling too.

Raisins – These tiny little drops of sugar are the most nutritious of all the dry fruits. They are sugary and sweet and so much better than candies. They have antioxidants that keep your blood remarkably clean.


Pistachio – A hard nut to crack! But packed with extreme goodness. This little green seed helps in growth of good bacteria and, so it is commonly called “nut for the guts”. It keeps digestive system healthy and boosts immunity.

Dates – A date a day keeps the doctor away. Dates are an excellent source of iron. One date daily is necessary for a balanced and healthy diet.

I am nuts about nuts. Aren’t  you?



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