Unity is Strength

Unity is Strength

Once upon a time, tucked in a safe cove in the sea, lived a group of tiny cute clown fishes. They were very happy in their own world. They passed their days playing with each other.

One day a big shark was passing by. Now sharks have excellent smelling power. The shark got to know about the clown fish and couldn’t wait to gobble them up. So it attacked the group. In dismay and shock the clown fish tried to swim here and there to save their lives. Sadly many of the clown fish became shark’s food.

Days passed and the Shark kept on coming back to eat the clown fish. Already troubled enough, the group decided to do something to save themselves.They decided that when the shark approaches next time, instead of getting scattered, they will unite together to form the shape of a big fish even bigger than the shark!!


The next time the shark approached they did just what they had planned. They confronted the shark as a big fish. The shark thought that a new even bigger fish than itself has come in the waters – and got scared. He ran away never to show his face again. The clown fish learned the most valuable lesson of their life that  “Unity is Strength”.  They followed it and lived happily ever after.


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