Graffiti at Barcelona extreme sports festival 2009

What are Extreme Sports?

Extreme sport is term used for those adventurous sports that are dangerous. These sports involve great speeds, height or depth. They also require a  tremendous physical stamina. This is the reason why extreme sports are not as popular as conventional sports which are a safe combination of adventure and skills. Extreme sports are often done using  highly specialized gear and under expert supervision.

Some of extreme sports that you might or might not know are:

Rock Climbing – Rock climbing is an activity where competitors climb up, down or across rocks to reach the the final point without falling and shortest time possible. Rock climbing becomes very challenging when its done outdoors on natural rocks rather than indoor artificial rocks.

Rock climbing

 Bungee Jumping – In Bungee jumping participant attaches a large elastic cord around them and then jumps from a tall building, bridge or mountain.When the jumper plunges, at first the elastic cord stretches to the maximum and the jumper goes down with high speed. After the maximum stretch the cord recoils, and the jumper continues to oscillate up and down for quite a while.

Bungee jumping

Mountain Biking – This includes biking on a rugged mountainous terrain often with steep declines. Participants have mountain bikes that are specially constructed and are able to take the stress of such a rough usage.

Mountain biking

Whoa! Even reading about these sports gives me goose bumps. Wonder how people participate in them!!

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