What Is The United Nations?

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As you know, all the countries have their governments taking care of them. Each country only thinks about their development and growth. In doing that sometimes they are unfair to each other. Many countries are not strong enough to protect themselves from others. Who makes sure that everyone is treated fair, and no one misbehaves? We need to have a monitor that makes sure everyone gets treated fairly.

The United Nations (U.N.) is an organisation that solves a problem that the countries cannot handle themselves. Almost 190 countries are a part of this organisation.

All the members of UN select a secretary general. He is the head of the UN. This secretary general speaks for the U.N. and directs all the agencies. The members of the U.N are a part of General Assembly. All the decisions taken by U.N. have to be agreed upon by the General Assembly. The headquarters of UN is in Manhattan, New York.

In the beginning, the U.N was created to do peacekeeping during the wartime. They sent special soldiers called “peacekeeper” to the fighting nations. They acted as mediators and tried to maintain calm while the two countries sort out their differences. Since then the U.N. has expanded into many agencies that help the people worldwide.

Let us take a deeper look at some of these agencies:

UNICEF – The United Nations Children Fund is an agency that works tirelessly for the betterment of children. Especially the ones that are hurt in the war zone. To get some relief to children, UNICEF tries to set up corridors of peace in fighting zones.


UNDP – The United Nations Development Programme, is the agency responsible for providing relief medicines or food to areas that are affected by natural disasters.

WHO – World Health Organisation, comes into action when there are emergencies in the areas of health. For example, some time ago when an outbreak of Ebola virus happened in North Africa. WHO was sending doctors and medicines and issued health advisories for other people around the world.

FAO – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works on helping farmers re-establish the production of the crop after floods or outbreaks of cattle disease or any other emergency.

WB – World Bank is a financial institution to provide loan to the developing countries.

Do you know any other U.N. agencies? There are plenty more. Let us know.

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