What will happen in the future

What Will Happen In The Future?


Have you ever wondered, what will happen in the future?
Will mother nature still be there to nurture?
I hear that good water will be scanty,
Even though coca-cola will be in plenty.
Will fruits still grow on trees, Or in a fruit factory?
Might taste like candy and very satisfactory.
To eat or to not eat meals would be your free will,
All you would then do is just pop a pill.
Did you know we will run out of fish? No? 
You dummy.
But where will it all go?
 In our tummies!
The melting arctic ice will be slush,
Won’t we all be ready for the next gold rush?
Sounds a lot of fun but will it be good for you?
Not good at all! I wish you knew.
Save all the water, the fish and the ice of mother nature,
For all of us, lets make it a better future.

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