Dentist telling the kid to brush

Who Is A Dentist?

Image Credit: Flickr User psd, via CC

Who is a dentist? Maybe an artist?
The one who works on your teeth,
When something  goes wrong.
And in pain you wreath.
A dentist fixes it with his tong.
Using a mirror, so he can see clearer!
He tells you not to rush,
When you brush brush brush.
Says, that will keep your teeth shining
And good for chewing, singing and laughing.
Even when your are careful, your teeth might hurt awful,
If you get a cavity – which is a hole much smaller than a mole.
Or if you break out a tooth, when you fall.
Don’t forget to give your dentist a call.
He will fill the holes with shiny gold.
Or replace the old tooth with a new one that will hold :)

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