Who is An Illustrator?

Who is An Illustrator?

An illustrator is a storyteller with a drawing board. He expresses the stories through pictures. Some people also call him a cartoonist as he draws cartoons as well. The illustration or cartoons can express a lot of situations, surroundings, physical appearances and different emotions.

Just by changing simple strokes of lines on a picture, the cartoonist can completely change the expression of beings in the picture. Generally any story book for children is illustrated. This serves two purposes one being that children are more fascinated by pictures and second that younger kids who do not know how to read are also able to understand the story with the help of cartoons.

The illustrators are as important as the authors of the books. Most of the books have the name of author and the illustrator written together.

feeling weird illustration

This cute girl Wanda has a “feeling weird” expression on her face.

happy illustration

The same girl Wanda is really happy here.

observing illustration

Wanda looks excited here.

In all of the illustrations the girl has a different expression because the artist drew her eyes and lips differently.

Here is an activity for you. Observe the two bunnies, see how differently they are drawn.

activity illustrations

Now imagine you are an illustrator, try drawing a dog who is happy or sad or surprised, How would you draw it? Will you change his eyes, nose or lips maybe?

Happy drawing !


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