Who was Srinivasa Ramanujan?

About 125 years ago, a mathematical genius was born on December 22nd 1887. It is difficult to believe that, without any formal training in the subject, Srinivasa Ramanujan contributed immensely to the mathematical community.

He was born in a poor Brahmin family and showed a natural inclination towards mathematics when he was ten years old. After that there was no stopping him. He won a scholarship to a local government college. However, Ramanujan was fascinated with mathematics but could not pass any other subject. His scholarship was taken away from him because of this and his family could not afford to pay his fee.

Ramanujan was unstoppable, nothing broke his spirit. He continued to work on problems and theorems. He found a book written by G.S. Carr which contained 5000 problems. He worked and reworked the theorems in his mind giving logical reasoning.  As a result, he made new discoveries and rediscovered the older theorems.

All his ideas were recorded in his notebooks, which serve as a great resource for mathematicians till date.

A great man from such humble surroundings. He followed his passion at all odds.

This year has been declared as the National Mathematical year in India, and December 22 is the National Mathematics Day.

All of us should get inspired from Ramanujan. Ready to discover the genius in you?


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